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Stories told by a storyteller

I write stories for businesses and publications about technology, software, tools, travel and gadgets.

As a former magazine editor-in-chief and in-house content creator at a software company I have the best of both worlds: I can write for your company and have superb deadline skills.

My focus is on telling stories important for your company and publications. Stories that inspire your (future) customers and readers to take action.

You can check out my portfolio for articles, blogs, books and business writing.

I’d love to chat about how I can help you!

I decided to book a call and see how Stéphanie could help because writing consistently (not just when I’m inspired) had become a huge challenge for me. I knew that I needed to write consistently and execute on my ideas to best serve my clients and my audience. Stéphanie listened to my ideas, looked through the scattered lists I’d brought to the meeting, and immediately saw the common threads and gaps in content that I couldn’t. We made an editorial calendar plan, and when I received the posts they were ready to publish as-is!
Working with Stéphanie has made my content marketing more consistent than ever, less stressful and given me back my time and peace of mind. She’s flexible, smart, resourceful and her work attracts new customers! You need Stéphanie on your team.
Kyla Roma, business coach & strategist