You’re doing pretty well on your own. You’re totally rocking your business and you want to keep on doing it. But... there are a few things that like you would like a second pair of eye on.

How about brainstorming post ideas for the coming months?

Or maybe you like to create a posting schedule and would like a little help.

There is no need to enlist ongoing help for that, but a brainstorming partner would be awesome.

I hear you! And your wish is my command. That's why I offer single 60-minute consulting session to help you get this ball rolling.



I want to provide as much value for your money as I can, so here are some ideas of things we can fit into your session:

  • Creating a content-plant for the next three months
  • Brainstorm at least three months of blog content
  • Analyse your current planning system and streamline
  • Clean out your inbox and implement a great system (Inbox zero will be your new best friend)
  • Great awesome headlines to make your posts stand out
  • Create two month’s worth of social media updates
  • Analyse your blog posts (+feedback) to greatly improve your posts
  • Find markets where you can guest post to get your business noticed (+ pitching template)

Your investment: $79


Jenny_blakeI was completely stalled on a project until Stéphanie proactively volunteered to help me take a look—her edits and feedback gave me the momentum I needed to pick it back up again, create a plan, finish and launch! I’ll always be grateful for her support and insights.

Jenny Blake, career coach & business strategist
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* this package is a consulting session only and means I will work with you to get great results. Writing and editing is not included in this package.