5 Ways I Use Evernote

I love Evernote and as I touched briefly on this here, I wanted to share with you a bit more about how I use this. (Also, I’m not paid to write this, I just really love Evernote and I love to share good products with you guys).

But first a little about the program itself. Evernote provides a place to work on all of your devices. That way you’ll always you have your latest work with you. You can choose the frequency to which it automatically uploads to the cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about losing work. When using the premium option you can also download notes to your mobile devices, so you really can access your work everywhere.

You can make several notebooks in Evernote, which you can stack together as well. In each notebook, you can create new notes. See it is as pages in your notebook. Each note can be tagged to make them easy to find as well as finding several relating notes.

Evernote is also designed to work together with internet browsers such as Google Chrome, so it’s easy to save your online research.


1 Inbox

I’ve set up an Inbox folder in my Evernote. Here I collect all the things about running a project, and I keep my notes that I’m currently working on. I’ve set Evernote to open up to this folder so I can get started right away and don’t have to search for anything. It’s also a great folder for everything I need to remember.

2 To read

I come across a lot of thing things online that I really want to read, but most of the time I don’t have time to sit and read it all. So I collect everything in my to read folder on Evernote. So when I have a spare moment I can go through this folder and read everything in one sitting. Great for evenings on the sofa, or on a long train trip.

3 Writing and articles

Right now, I’m writing this post in Evernote as well. I’ve always loved Word, but ever since discovering Evernote, Word is a bit forgotten. I love how Evernote uploads everything to the cloud when you’re working on it. I’ve had my computer crash on several occasions, but since using Evernote I’ve hardly ever lost work. And that is a safe thought. With Word documents, things don’t get saved, or an older file replaces a new file (been there, done that and lost a week worth of work because of it). I’ve switched to Evernote for all of my first drafts and thoughts and I can’t imagine going back to Word documents ever again.

4 Archive

Once I’m done with an article, I merge all the separate notes and archive it in an archive folder. Most of the time I merge the research notes and keep the final article separate. I love this function, as you still have all your research on hand – it’s not lost, but you don’t have the clutter on your computer anymore. So you can really just focus on the projects and articles on hand.

5 Recipe box

With being vegan and gluten free, I love to collect recipes that sound great and help me to eat something other than just lettuce. So I save them in my Evernote. I have a stack of favourites, divided into several folder and a stack of things I want to try sorted out into several folders. So whenever I need inspiration on what to eat I can dive into this folder and don’t have to search the internet in order to find something.

But this is, of course, one sample of how you can use Evernote. To be honest it really works for everything and you can really set it up to work for your workflow. Back in 2012 they also released a special Evernote Moleskin to work together with the mobile app – perfect for lovers of old-fashioned journals.

So I’d like to know, have you tried Evernote? And if so, how do you use it? Share your stories in the comments!


  1. 11th December 2015 / 1:40 am

    At first, I never understood why everyone raved about Evernote and then I started using it and became obsessed. I also love writing in Evernote and it’s awesome how it can connect between different devices. I’ve never thought of using it to store research for a post or as a recipe file, so looking forward to playing around with that.

    • 12th December 2015 / 11:32 am

      I love Evernote to gather everything. Let me know how you get on Chloe! I’m planning to another Evernote post soon, so stay tuned 😉

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