7 Goal Setting Rules Learned From Epic Fantasy Stories

I get it.

You want to get stuff done, but that comfort zone is pretty darn comfy. You’ve been meaning to get real about showing up on social media, or writing those blog posts, but your to-do list is a mess.

You’re playing catch-up and planning is something you’ll come around to eventually.

What if I told you that planning is fun and so is setting goals?

Take a page out of Frodo’s book, you know that little guy with the hairy feet. He did something he didn’t think he could do but did it anyway. In fact, I would encourage you to go watch an epic fantasy movie right now (or better, go read the book). Go on, I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve gone and done that, what did you notice?


Each of the characters is faced with odds that seem unbeatable. Most of them involve a life or death situation. Surely, if they can face that, you can set big goals for yourself. Right?

Still not sure?

Here are seven lessons learned from those books and movies to help you on your way and plan for greatness.

#1 But I’m just a Hobbit

Have you ever heard that you are not good enough, not experienced enough of just too young to do something? For instance too young to follow your dreams or to really land your dream job.

I sure have been told that on many occasions.

But you know what, you’re not. In fact, if you aim big, you are more likely to succeed and to really go for it. Small goals that seem super doable, are most likely to end up on the back-burner because you will get to them eventually.

Just like Frodo, when something seems like an impossibly large and daunting task, you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

#2 “Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day” – Terry Pratchett

No big goal can ever be achieved without learning something along the way. Whether that is something about yourself (you can do this!) or a specific skill, you can use this to grow your business even further.

So not only will you be able to get your ‘big thing’ done, you will also create more space for your business to grow. It’s basically a big awesome side effect to getting things done.

And even if you fail, you will have learned some super valuable skills that will go a long long way.

#3 Is it worth fighting for?

When you set goals, do they really matter to you? Are you really willing to put in the hours and put up a fight

Time to drop the bullshit goals and really aim for the things close to your heart.

A fight is only ever won when you truly believe that you can win it. The same goes for you to-do list. If you don’t think you can accomplish your goals, are you like to start them?


So set goals you believe in, work towards something you want without a shadow of a doubt. If you’re all in, you will make it happen, I promise you.

#4 He who shall not be named

Fear of the name will increase fear of the thing itself. Declare your goals, don’t be afraid to spell them out to people. The only way to make you goals real and seem doable is to face them.

Get them out in the open and tell the world. That will make you accountable and launch you into action-mode.

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#5 Battles are messy

You to-do list is a mess, do you really want to add more to it? You fear that if you add even more, you’ll add more to your ‘couldn’t finish that either’ list.

The opposite is also true.

Adding goals and plans will give you more direction. It clearly spells out the steps you have to take in order to get where you want to go.

Don’t worry, it may look like you have more to do in the beginning; It will get worse before it gets better, but when it does it will keep on getting better.

Sometimes life just gets messy.

#6 We have a Hulk

Soft goals never made anyone work for them. Bring out your inner Hulk to the party and put some force behind your goals.

Hard deadlines, clear goals and everything else you can think of to make sure you put some force behind all the things you want and need to do.

Setting yourself a deadline is also a really great tool to inspire urgency and spiral yourself into action. Find out what does the trick for you and then go do it. Hulk smash!

#7 Winter is coming

There will be periods every year where work will slow, you can bet on that.

So make sure you have reserves, and nurture what you’ve got, keep client relations warm, plan for the long term, not just right now. Make sure you are prepared.

And when this period does come around, make sure you have some great things to do by the fire. These times are great for working on personal projects, honing your skills or just relaxing with a good book. Whatever you do, don’t despair when things get slow. It’s the natural way of life.

Now go and watch another epic movie for more inspiration and see how you can use that in your daily life. (Oh and I’d love it if you come and report back to me what you’ve learned!)

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