365 Days Of Mindfulness As An Entrepreneur

I’ve always considered myself as an in the moment, caring person. I’d pride myself at noticing all the things around me. True I was the only one who noticed a horse making sudden funny movements as we zoomed past in the car and I can get profoundly excited when I see swan chicks. But am I really an in the moment person?

Recently I’ve started to question my own mindfulness.

A lot.

Growing up, especially as a late teenager, I considered myself super spiritual. Yes, I was one of those teenagers dressed in black, leather boots, and long velvet dresses. As much as I loved those clothes (and secretly still do), looking back, they weren’t very flattering. Neither were the multi-coloured cardigan I wore on top of most of my outfits, and the coat with a pointy hat was. I dabbled with using some crystals, and fiddled with herbs (read: collect jars full of dried herbs). I felt very in tune with nature.

Looking back I’m not sure that I ever was. But that’s not the point now. Somewhere along the way I’ve let it slide. I got caught up in the business of work and live.

I had a demanding job in a different country before I decided to become an entrepreneur. And even though the business changed, the feeling of stress, being chased by a never ending to-do list and a feeling of being pressured for time, stayed.

And now here I am. Working as a full-time entrepreneur (yay!), doing what I love (yay!) and struggling to concentrate on what I love doing most every single day (euh…). I love to write, it’s in my blood and I have been doing it for more that two-thirds of my life. And yet, when I sit down to do it every single day, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to do it.

My mind feels like it’s scattered all over the place. Every time I try to focus it feels like I have to pull all the little pieces together and force them to look in the same direction. It’s exhausting. Especially as an entrepreneur. If I can’t get my mind to focus I have no hope in Hell to create a successful business. (I admit, I clicked away mid-sentence here to check out a website for something useless… it’s that bad).

I need my mind back. And I needed it yesterday (modern impatience much?)

Now before we go any further I want to make clear that I’m not struggling professionally. I always make my deadlines, get the work done and deliver quality. It’s just at the moment, my brain feels scattered, and I want to be able to really focus on one thing and kickass.

So, that’s why I came up with this challenge and I am going to take you gals along for the ride.

365 days of mindfulness as an entrepreneur

Starting this week, even though June is already on its way out, I’m starting a 365-day mindfulness practice. I am hesitant to call it a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, it will be a challenge, more than anything I’ve ever done in my life, but I want to reprogram my brain, my mind and become nicer and respectful towards myself. Really give each task my 100% focus. No more multitasking, be in the moment and really taste my food when I eat it.

To help me do this, I’ve created a set of monthly themes to help guide me. They were born from a list of things I hear mindfulness gurus (and normal people) talk about too. And I have to start somewhere right?

So here we go:

June – Pay attention – one thing at a time
July – Eliminate distractions
August – Meditation
September – Yoga
October – Live & eat healthy
November – Detach from electronics
December – Read read read
January – Art, creativity & play
February – Create room
March – Retreat
April – Self-Confrontation
May – Manifesting
June – Pay attention – one thing at a time

Now it’s easy to give into temptation and read about mindfulness a lot before I dive in. But I’ve decided (even though I am ready reading a lot of the non-off-with-the-fairies books) to just dive in and go for it. I can put it off until the cows come home, but it will not help me get more done any sooner. And as we already established, it’s time to get focused.

So here’s to diving in, being more mindful and being scared shitless in the process of what I’ve hidden in the depths of my mind.

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