E-mail marketing your way, without spamming

Are you done with salesy e-mails and marketing tricks? Do you want to turn (potential) clients into fans in a way that's 100% you? Do you know that e-mail marketing could work for you, but all the marketing gurus give you the creeps? That's where I come in. In this one on one program, we are going to make e-mail marketing work for you!

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Do you recognise this?

  • Do you feel frustrated by all the marketing tricks you 'have to' follow?
  • Do you feel like you're 'just fiddling around'?
  • There is so much information out there, you're getting lost.
  • You have no idea where to start
  • You don't know what to write
  • If you read your own emails, you don't recognise your own voice
  • You don't sell in your emails, because you don't want to push for sales and it makes you feel icky

But do you want:

  • Use email marketing in a way that fits with who you are
  • A step-by-step plan that works for you
  • Be able to write emails that sound like you
  • Sell in a way that feels like you and do it with confidence
  • A massive inspiration boost as soon as you sit down to write your emails
  • Know how email marketing works and how you can make it work for you
  • Get results from your emails

Then this is for you!

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I dreaded making my email marketing funnel. Where do you start? And how does the system work? Stéphanie helped me in one session. She gave me the direction and explanation I needed and the motivation to get back and start to write my emails again. And the best thing? If I get stuck, I can just email her and she'll help me back on track.


Unique: Stéphanie combines marketing knowledge with writing talent, graphic knowledge and technical skills. She's great when it comes to automating a sales funnel. I'm super happy and hope to continue to work together for a long time.

This is what you can expect working together:

  • We will work together 1-on-1 for three months on your email marketing
  • This is your program. So it's tailored to your business and goals
  • We'll start with a 1,5-hour kickoff session to lay the foundation for the next 3 months
  • 6x 1-on-1 sessions on Zoom
  • E-mail support, so you'll never get stuck

Investment: $1499

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I believe you can use email marketing your way, with out spamming and pushing for sales

More information

  • For three months we'll work on your email marketing plan and strategy. I will help you write your emails, create your funnels and we'll analyse and improve your currently running funnels.
  • This is a personal program, tailored to your needs and wishes. are you a beginner? Then we'll make sure you'll hit the ground running. Are you already using email marketing? Then we'll optimise what you already have.
  • During the kick-off we'll set your goals to focus on for the coming three months
  • After the kick-off we'll have six sessions where we'll work on your goals. These sessions will take place via Zoom.

How it works

  • Ready to get started? Plan a discovery call to see if this program is a match and if we click.
  • Do we click? Awesome! Then you'll receive an invoice for the program and we'll plan our kick-off session
  • During the kick-off, we'll get clear on your wishes and goals for the next three months
  • During the six sessions, we'll focus on your goals, create your funnel, write emails and of course, you'll get homework 😉
  • Got stuck? Then you can always email, or app me. I'm your side-kick for the next three months and I want to make sure you get and stay in the flow
  • During the sessions, we'll focus on creating the base for your email marketing strategy. During this program, I don't do the technical execution for you. Do you want me to? Please let me know during the discovery call, because there are options for technical add-ons.

I love working with Stéphanie! She's a walking and talking well of knowledge, and is really good at helping you further along with your projects. She's really there for you with advice and support.

She also has a feel for words, and language. And she challenges me to take the next step in my marketing, funnels and messaging. Love it!

shyanne nagtegaal

I won a conversation with Stéphanie; and wow, she gives so much value. Stéphanie is a lovely person to talk to and I felt comfortable quite quickly. She is a critical thinker, asks the right questions and there's also room for jokes during the sessions. After talking to her I was bursting with inspiration to use in my content. I've received practical tools and tips that I could use right away. I've started looking at things in a different way, thank you so much!

Ready to get started? Plan your discovery call!