Your storytelling consult

Storytelling has nothing to do with formula’s, but all with being authentic. For years I tried to be like everyone else. But once I started showing up as myself I found the clients I wanted to work with.

But sometimes you need someone to hold up a mirror and help you see the awesome stories that you have to share. I am the mirror you never knew you needed. In a 2-hour intensive we’ll look at all the aspects of your business and hone in on the story you’re telling. After two hours you’ll walk away not only feeling inspired but an action list to start improving the story you're telling and you feel empowered to own your narrative.

Your storytelling consultation will get you:

  • Homework before our session
  • The how, who, what and why of your story
  • Points to improve your current content
  • A clear insight on how your business authentically is
  • A strategy outline you can use to hone in your story
  • Pick my brain for two hours
  • Two to three core brand sentences that capture the essence of your story

Are you ready to get started?

Jenny_blakeI was completely stalled on a project until Stéphanie proactively volunteered to help me take a look—her edits and feedback gave me the momentum I needed to pick it back up again, create a plan, finish and launch! I’ll always be grateful for her support and insights.

Jenny Blake, career coach & business strategist