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Praise for Story Sparks

I decided to book a call and see how Stéphanie could help because writing consistently (not just when I’m inspired) had become a huge challenge for me. I knew that I needed to write consistently and execute on my ideas to best serve my clients and my audience. Stéphanie listened to my ideas, looked through the scattered lists I’d brought to the meeting, and immediately saw the common threads and gaps in content that I couldn’t. We made an editorial calendar plan, and when I received the posts they were ready to publish as-is!

Working with Stéphanie has made my content marketing more consistent than ever, less stressful and given me back my time and peace of mind. She’s flexible, smart, resourceful and her work attracts new customers! You need Stéphanie on your team.


I was completely stalled on a project until Stéphanie proactively volunteered to help me take a look—her edits and feedback gave me the momentum I needed to pick it back up again, create a plan, finish and launch! I’ll always be grateful for her support and insights.

I really enjoyed working with Stephanie. My website copy desperately needed an update for the new year and I was at a loss as to how to get my words to come across the way I wanted them to. Stephanie was able to take what I had written and make it extremely clear for my target audience. Being able to give her a variety of document types and get them all back with a consistent feel was awesome! Stephanie made the process easy and returned my copy on time, which made it easy for me to plan my website updates. I'm excited to see how the new copy helps my business grow.

Stéphanie has been tremendous to work with - she's helped me accomplish a LOT in the last month and I definitely think her future clients will find their money well spent. I know that I certainly could have spent thousands getting someone to help with (a) blog strategy, (b) blog drafts, (c) website copywriting edits, and (d) actually helping me write a book. Stéphanie has been a ROCKSTAR!

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Working with Stephanie to write an About page for my new blog – Freak + Pocky - was an epic experience! She knew just the right questions to ask and managed to get my personality to show in the way she put it together. I honestly can’t thank her enough for helping me out and can’t recommend her enough to everyone I know. Trust me, she’s seriously the best!

It has been a pleasure to work with Stéphanie over the last 18 months. She is a hardworking, helpful, punctual, enthusiastic, creative member of the team. She has worked to maintain Simply Cards & Papercraft’s status as number one magazine in the UK papercraft sector, as well as launching a bimonthly stamping magazine, working on bookazines, and helping out the subbing team when necessary. She will be missed, and myself and the rest of the Editorial team would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephanie and wish her all the very best for her future career.

Stéphanie manages to organize her wide range of hobbies, side-jobs and functions by combining the innovative use of social media with the will to constantly improve herself and her work. She’s an inspiring companion with an awesome amount of energy.

Stéphanie is an inspiring editor-in-chief, who dares to chase her dreams and make anything possible. She started and it grew to a staggering height. I’m glad to have been part it. Stéphanie knows how to inspire and encourage her (copy) editors. Also, if you need an in-depth review of your manuscript or text, Stéphanie is definitely the right person.